Comedy Stage hypnotist what is the processes a stage performer may go through  below is a example for your information

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Stage hypnotism differs from hypnotherapy by way of the first is for entertainment and the second for help in curing phobias, weight loss etc.

A stage hypnosis performer has at his disposal several different hypnotic inductions this is the bit that sends a person into trance or hypnotic sleep. But before this a comedy hypnotist  would do a test to see who is most suggestible or which people the performer will have the greatest success over.

Suggestibility Test

A lot of hypnotic performers use a hand clasp test this is where the entertainer suggests the subjectís hands are getting locked together or some also use a eyes locked together test where the hypnotist will suggest to the person eagerly awaiting to be hypnotised that he cannot open his or hers eyes. Another test the stage performer or hypnotherapist may do is to tell the person to imagine they have a heavy book in one hand and a helium balloon in the other. The person doing the hypnosis would give the suggestion that one hand is getting heavy and the other is getting lighter this give the hypnotist a guide to how much the subject listens and concentrates on what the hypnotist is talking about.

Hypnotic Induction 

There are literally tens if not hundreds of hypnotic inductions the therapist or performer has at his disposal a good hypnotist will even develop his own inductions. A common induction is a progressive induction, as stated these will very from person to person but a very brief example is below

Some hypnotists may ask the people he or she chose to be hypnotised to look at  bright light and suggest  there eyes are getting heavy and want to close. After the subjects have complied the stage performer may suggest they imagine they are on a staircase to relaxation and every step down they take relaxes every muscle in the body further and further. Another common hypnotic induction is the fall back induction which you will find examples of on both of my websites  in the videos section.


A deepener simply sends people deeper into hypnosis. A example a hypnotherapist  or stage performer may use is to count from ten down to one and suggest with every number they will sink deeper and deeper into hypnosis. Another example a comedy hypnotist such as myself would use is I lift the subjects arm up and suggest when I let go there arm will fall to the floor and they immediately sink ten times deeper into hypnosis. As a stage hypnotist I find this one particularly useful. A performer may now suggest that each and every time the hypnotist says sleep you will go back to this state but when I says wide awake you be wide awake.

Wakey Wakey

After the hypnotist has done his therapy or comedy hypnosis show the performer or therapist must then wake the subjects up and be sure to clear all suggestions from there minds. This is usually done by counting from 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 suggesting they be wide awake fully alert and no ill effects from the hypnosis.

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